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Monday, July 30, 2012

List of Most Common Passwords You Should Avoid

If you think that ‘incorrect’ is the most over smart password or adding ‘123’ after your name is quite strong password then you’re wrong. Such passwords are the most common password and are likely to get hacked.  Below I am posting a list of the most common passwords.
Most Common Passwords

Tips for Choosing a Strong Password:
Length: Make sure that your password should be long having eight or more characters.
Complex: It should include letters, numbers, symbols, punctuations. If you are more conscious about your account then you can use special characters which are not available on the keyboard. Using such password reduces the chances to get hacked.
Variety: Don’t use same password and username for multiple websites. Use an online password manager to keep track of your different accounts.
Did you ever use the above mentioned password? Tell us by commenting below.

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