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Friday, June 22, 2012

HOW TO: Edit Comments on Facebook

Being in competition with other Social Media is not easy; it requires a lot of hardwork. Facebook, the owner the crown of Social Media, works hard to keep up the users happy and satisfied. It has to launch new features to make sure that other Social Media don’t take the head. Facebook recently launched admin post &schedule post and a temporary “Call” button to compete and be ahead of the other social media sites like Google+, Twitter, etc.

This time Facebook kicked a way to edit comments, which was first released by LinkedIn and then Google+.  The edit option on Facebook is on the right side on your comment, in the image of a pencil. By clicking it, a drop-down menu will open which will give you two options, either to edit your comment or to delete your comment.

Though the feature is pretty much useful but it notifies your friend whenever you edit comment. It even shows the ‘edit history’ button which is besides the like button of your comment. When the button ‘edited’ is pressed a pop-up will appear which will show the entire history of your comments – the original one and the edited one, so don’t think you can use ‘edit’ button for the change of your mind and getting away with it.


Do you like this new feature? Have you ever made a wrong comment which caused embarrassment? Share your views by commenting below.
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