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7 Ways How to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging service which has become an Internet sensation.  Like any other network, it’s important to get more followers on Twitter as it could make your tweet reachable to more people.

Increase Twitter Followers
So, what’s the secret? How can you get more twitter followers?

The answer is simple. Write tweets that people want to read, and avoid writing tweets that people hate to read.  Instead of randomly shouting about what you’re doing right now, write tweets about the niche which people want to read.

Here are Simple Ways to Get More Twitter Followers:

These are some simple but most effective ways to increase your twitter followers in a short time. The followers should be of your niche, keep a keen interest in stuff you are offering and tweeting about.

#1 Show your Face: You need to create a nice avatar of yourself for your twitter account. The avatar plays a very important role in getting more twitter followers. People on twitter want to know how you look, so it is important to have a good picture of yourself. The absence of photo tells that the user either a spammer or a newbie.

#2 Create an interesting bio: Profile bio is the most important thing to get more followers on twitter. Your bio tells about who you are, your interest and what do you talk about on twitter. It is the first thing that potential followers review. Make sure that you don’t leave it blank. Explain who you are and what you do.  Be creative when you write your bio, and it will surely make them follow you. Try adding a good quote which will tell them about you.

#3 Be active: If you’re not active for weeks then you are not going to get followed as no-one is interested in someone who does not tweet. You should at least tweet once a day if you expect to gain followers. Tweeting more makes your presence visible among the people. Post frequently but don’t over flood your followers.
If you cannot find time to tweet then you can schedule your tweets using a website such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.

#4 Share valueable content:  This is one of most important step towards success. Tweet stuff which are helpful to the people. Be generous. Be inspiring. Use lots of links. Create content that other people look forward to getting and want to pass on to their own followers. This is the key to getting retweeted. You can follow any strategy which you are comfortable with, this includes sharing interesting quotes, pictures, talk about trending topic and so on, but the idea is don’t let your Twitter profile die or keep it inactive.

#5 Use twitter tools: If your twitter followers do not increase, then you could use tools to increase them. There are many tools which can help you to do this job. Twiends is one of them. With Twiends you can boost your twitter followers. Here’s how Twiends works.
How does Twiends work?
Twiends provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter. We use seeds to create the incentive for people to check each other out. When you follow someone they give you seeds, and vice versa when they follow you. You can decide how many seeds you want to offer per introduction, and when you run out you remain on the list so people can still check you out if they like. We focus on making the introduction, and you focus on deciding who you want to be friends with in the long run. We are not a "get followers fast" site or a follower train. You get to choose who you 'friend' and they get to do the same. Our focus is community building.

#6 Link your Account: Another way to increase your twitter followers is to link your account with your Facebook account, your Youtube, etc. You can even add a Twitter widget into your blogs sidebar.  You have to promote your Twitter account in every way.  Try including your Twitter account information in your e-mail signatures.

#7 Keep track of your Account: It is a good idea to monitor and keep track of your account. By doing this you see when you are tweeting, what you are tweeting and how often your reply to people in your tweets. Keeping track of your tweets will tell you which type of tweets you should post and which one you should avoid. It will give you an idea of which taste of tweets people like to read and which one they hate. It will also give you an idea about your weak points so that you can work on it.

Did I miss any point? Do let me know in comments!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

As a marketer and blogger, one should not miss an opportunity to drive traffic from a social network. Pinterest’s influence is increasing rapidly so you opportunities to drive immense traffic to your blog.
So what is Pinterest? Pinterest is like a virtual board. It’s a social networking and social publishing site based on photos.  The main idea is that each and every user has a board on which he can pin stuff he likes all across the web.
Pinterest Pin
Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:
Users of Pinterest curate themed boards, populating them with media found online using the “Pin It” button, or uploaded from their computers. Each such item of media is known as a “pin”, and can be a picture, a video, a discussion, or a product. Pins can be grouped into “boards”, which are sets of pins focused on a specific topic. Pinterest can be accessed by adding the “pin it” button to the desktop bookmark bar, “follow me” and “pin it” buttons added to personal website or blog pages, and the Pinterest iPhone application available through the App Store.To register for Pinterest, new users must receive an invitation from a friend already registered on Pinterest or request an invitation directly from the Pinterest website. The registration process currently requires users to link their Pinterest account to their Facebook or Twitter account. Users choosing to log in via Facebook must be using (or opt in to) Facebook’s “Timeline” format.

How to Pinterest to drive traffic to your Website

Make sure your blog post is pinnable:
The first and basic step before you do anything, make sure your blog is pinnable. Add a Pinterest button on your post and make sure it is at such a place that users can easily see it.  You must add Pin it button to each and every post of your blog.
To add the Pin it button to your blog post:
1) Log into Pinterest
2) In the top right menu, choose about - Pin It Button.
3) Scroll down to the Pin it Button for website area
Fill in all the details and paste the code to your blog.
Select or Make Your Own Pin Image
Always choose an eye-catching image but it should be related to your blog post. Until and unless a picture is not eye-catchy, your pin won’t go popular.T he best image should clearly identify your blog post content to Pinterest users.
Also use some text with a picture so that it can elaborate what it is related to. Let’s take an example:    

Got the difference?

Write Your Pin Description
The description appears under the pin image and provides information about the image.  You should always write a pin description as your better blog description would influence readers.
Your description appears every time someone pins your post directly from your blog. However, each Pinterest user can delete your description and write his/her own description.
You can also add hashtags to you pin and  a web address below your pin description.

Ask people to pin stuff on your Pinterest board
There are many people who are looking for pinning on some else’s board and you’ll end up attracting a lot of people. Just simply create a board and click the ‘edit’ button, then change “Me+contributors” button to all the list of your contributors. All the readers can pin stuff on your wall after the name is enterend.
You can also host a content which will allow people to pin stuff on your community. At the end you can change the privacy settings back to normal. Chosoe the best pin and convey thanks to the person whose pin is most liked.

Now, you know how to ‘drive traffic to your website using Pinterest’. If you’ve any method, kindly share with us.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

7 Terrific Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Forums

Forum is no doubt an extremely good way to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog. It would usually take 30 minutes a day but if you keep it up you’ll be drive a good amount of traffic to your blog in a very short time. You’ll just have to follow these 7 simple tricks mentioned below and you’ll notice a boost in your traffic in a short time:

Be Active
In order to get traffic from forum, you need to write unique and quite often (At least 3 times a week). The more you’ll publish content, the more your name will appear on the forum hence driving more traffic to your blog.
Use a Signature
Signature is just a tagline which will appear on whenever you comment or post something on a specific forum. You should add a link to your blog. If you’re active on forums then people are more likely to view your profile or to see your signature if you’re comments are appearing frequently then you’ll have a greater chance to drive traffic to your blog.
Start Your Own Threads
It’s necessary for you connect with other people and participate in the discussions, but it’s even more important that you should start your own threads. By starting a new thread you’ll get to interact with other people via comments and you’ll get an opportunity to drive traffic to your blog. If your post gets popular then you will get even more traffic as your name will be more visible.
Use Old Popular Threads
Old threads which are popular and have more than 20 comments are very useful. Whenever you will comment on a thread, subscribers to this thread will be notified. The thread can even turn back to the top of list hence serving as a lottery ticket.
Add Your Blog Feed
You should add blog feed to your profile so that a link of your latest blog post is visible below your username and the message you’ve published on the discussion forums.
Always be Brief
Producing quality content is the first and most important way to attract people. Quality content isn’t about writing lengthy content.  Always remember that your audience doesn’t need a long post with unnecessary point. It should be information packed post.
Add Bio to Your Account
Always add information about yourself like who you are, what are your interest, where are you from, what are your hobbies, etc. Choose a good picture of yours and keep it as your avatar (i.e visible next to all your messages/comments). This way other people know who they’re communicating with.

On to Our Readers
These are all 7 Terrific Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Forums. Do you know any other way? Do mention it below.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Youtube Went Down but Server Error Gets Quickly Fixed

Youtube Error Message
YouTube is a very popular video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos.  Anyone who goes to the site can view the videos that are posted on this site. The videos are anything from beginner videos to more professional videos.

Anyhow, servers at Youtube failed this Thursday afternoon hence creating the website and its videos were unavailable temporarily. The time period noticed by the viewers who started panicking was between 4 p.m. ET and 4:30 p.m. ET (Says Mashable).

‘Youtube Goes Down’ is still a worldwide twitter trending topic on twitter but the site is available now. ‘A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation,” was the error message.
Here are some snaps from twitter:

Tweets about Youtube
 Did you noticed when Youtube went down?

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Use Your Domain with Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo

You can use simple free mail services like Gmail or Yahoo for day-to-day emails but when it comes to a professional level what would you do? Keep using free mail services like newbies or use your own domain? I recommend using your domain with Gmail.
Here a guide at How to use your domain with Gmail/Hotmail/ Yahoo

Step # 1: Open cPanel of your domain name create a forwarder to send all the email received by your account to your account.
Step # 2: Go to Gmail, open “settings” and go to ‘Accounts and import’ and click on “Add another email account you own”.
Step # 3: Add your email there. Fill in the information that Gmail ask until it sends you the confirmation code.
Step #4:  The confirmation code will be sent to your Gmail account. Enter the confirmation code and there you go!

It’s simple? What do you think?

With you will get a professional look for business purpose. Do you agree with me? 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Facebook Adds Animated Emoticons to Comments

Facebook Adds Animated Emoticons to Comments
Yellow smiley faces, heart and other animated emoticons are quite popular among the teenager as well as adult on Facebook as they help to convey your emotions without explaining it in words. Facebook chat already had emoticons  but now you can add animated emoticons to comments as well. Adding animated emoticons to comments are quite the same as adding to chat.

Well for that here’s a list of Facebook Animated emoticons:

 What do you think about the features? Do you like it? Do share your views.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Free Best Backlink Checker Tools Online

If you probably own an online business then you would be familiar with the importance of backlinks but if you’re new to SEO then let me tell you that backlinks are back-bone of SEO. Backlinks are basically an incoming link to certain website or blog. It can be a clickable text which redirects to some blog or website, in short it is hyperlinked.

Why backlink matters?

Before moving on the importance of backlinks let me tell you that there are two types of backlinks. Dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks. To make it simple, dofollow backlinks are what matters here.

Backlinks are very important for your website/blog. When Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo calculate the relevance of your site to a keyword, the consider the number of quality backlinks from another website related to your niche.  The more quality backlinks of backlinks you have the more chances of your site to rank higher.
So here are a few free backlink Checker Tools:
1. Analyze Backlinks:
Analyze Backlink is a simple properly arranged tool for checking backlinks for your blog/website. Analyze Backlinks provides you various fields like ‘don't repeat backlinks from same domain’, ‘Show links only from homepage’, ‘Anchor Text’, ‘Total Links’, ‘Outbound Links’. You can tick the options based on your requirements.

2. BackLinkWatch:

BackLinkWatch is one of the well-liked tools for checking backlinks for your site. It shows the entire details of the backlinks of your site. The reason why I have ranked this website as no.2 is because their pop-up ads annoy the user otherwise it is a great tool.

3. Open Site Explorer:

Open Site Explorer is a popular tool to check backlinks online. It is a great tool for comparing backlinks between two or more domains. Some features required a paid account of SEOMOZ still free tool is good enough to check details of backlinks.

4. Link Diagnosis:

Link Diagnosis offers you with different options such as you need a detailed report for a single page as well as whole website and other various options. Just you need to that Link Diagnosis works best with Firefox.

5. W3tool’s Backlink Checker:

W3Tool backlink checker allows you to enter 10 blogs url at a single time. It provides you with the no. of backlinks your blog or website has got in Google, Yahoo and Altavista.  For those who run a blog and want to calculate the no. of backlinks separately should use W3Tool’s backlink checker.  
Which one do you think is the best? Do share your views.

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