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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 5 Free Ways to Share your Files Online

Email is no doubt, a very convenient way to send small files to particular group of people. But when it comes to big files or to a large group of people or you need to send an urgent mail and the servers gets down like hotmail, what do you intend to do? Look up for ways to share files online which are more convenient than eMail? 
Share Your Files Online

Below I’ve listed top 5 free ways to share your files online.

Share Your Files Online:

1) Opera Unite:

Opera Unite

Opera unite is an excellent way to share files online. Opera unite is a web server in browser Opera. You can instantly share very big files on Opera unite. You can host almost everything on it including your own websites, host chatting and every type of file.
From official Opera Lab page:
Opera Unite is a unique technology that turns any computer or device running Opera into a Web server. In other words, your computer is truly part of the fabric of the Web, rather than just interacting with it and it’s something anyone can use. With Opera-Unite, everyday non-technical users can serve and share content and services directly from their own computers in the form of intuitive applications.

2) Dropbox:


Dropbox is a simple online storage that makes your files accessible from almost everywhere. It has a limit of 2GB online storage for free accounts. Dropbox enables a person to drop any type of file to the dropbox designed folder and share it to friends and peers. Whenever you edit your files, the edited version is auto synced online.

3) Pando:


Pando is a free file sharing software online that allows you to send and receive large files for free. You can attach and send files upto 1GB with your free account. Pando makes your file sharing fast, convenient and safe to send files! Want to know more about pando? Read here.

4) FilesOverMiles:


FilesOverMiles is a free online sharing site which allows you to upload files of any size. In other words, you can upload unlimited files without thinking about the space covered! The best thing about FilesOverMiles is that it doesn’t even require a signup.  When you have set up a file to send just share it’s URL with your friends and peers. But while the file is transferring you cannot close your browser as it will close.

5) Filemail:


Filemail is a great way to share files without even creating an account or fill any form. With Filemail you can send files upto 2 Gigabytes. The total lifetime of your upload file is 3 days and after that link won’t be valid. Grab more information here.

Which one is the best way to share files online? Which method do you use? Tell us by commenting below!  

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Mad.nitts said...
October 30, 2012 at 4:34 AM

Dropbox is just awesome....
online file sharing

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