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Saturday, June 16, 2012

20 Commands to Become a Pro Google Searcher

How many times do you Google things and couldn’t lay your hands on the right stuff although it is  available on the World Wide Web? Why does it happen?  It happens because you fail to enter the right COMMAND with your keywords.
Below I am going to teach you 20 Google Commands which will help you to become a pro Google searcher and help you search Google like a ninja. If you can’t lay your hand on stuff using these COMMAND that stuff most probably doesn’t exist on the World Wide Web.
Google Commands 

20 Pro Google Searcher Commands:

Command #1
intitle: Google only searches webpages containing the search term.
Example: intitle:Blogginggeeks
It will give you all the results of the titles which contain BloggingGeeks.

Command #2
inurl: Google only searches for URL containing the search term.
Example: inurl: Google
It will give you all the URL which contains Google.

Command #3
Tilde (~): The tilde symbol before the search terms tells Google to include search results with similar words.
Example: ~Fast food
It will not only lookup for fast food but also for its synonyms like Junkfood,etc.

Command #4
Asterisk (*): The asterisk symbol tells Google to see asterisk as a wildcard and find the best match in the Google search results.
Example: Albert Einstein discovered *
It will ask Google for the solution and will display the best suggestion.

Command #5
Minus (-): It tells Google to exclude result which contains the given keyword. It can exclude words as well as the website which contain the given keyword.
Example: Jaguar speed -car
It will only search for the speed of Jaguar and exclude the term ‘car’.

Command #6
related: Google will display the related websites.
Example: related:
It will give you related website to Google.

Command #7
site: All your search result will come from the same site.
It will give all the indexed pages of BloggingGeeks

Command #8
This OR That: By typing OR (in capital) in between of keywords will give you results about either keyword.
Example: India's population 2005 OR 2006
It will give you results about either of the years.

Command #9
If you want to search synonyms you can enter a word with quotes.
Qoutes(“ “): Double quotes around a single words tells Google to find the synonyms precisely.
Double quotes around a couple of words tell Google to search the words in exact order.
Example: If you search afraid of the Supernatural on Google you’ll get synonyms of afraid precisely. Afraid will also include search results for ‘fear’ and ‘scared’ whereas ‘the supernatural’ will be search in the exact same order.

Command #10
If you want to search document on Google for a specified type, write filetype: and enter any type. 
Example: filetype:jpg BloggingGeeks. It will only search images from BloggingGeeks

Command #11      
safesearch: Gives you the result without including  the adult content.
Example: safesearch: Megan Fox
It will give you result without including the adult content.

Command #12
author: In GoogleScholar you can search for author to find a specific paper.
Example: author: Shakespeare
It will give you all the books of Shakespeare.

Command #13
define: It gives definition of the searched term from the Google’s glossary.
Example: define: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
It will give you the meaning of the following word.

Command #14
time: Gives you the current time of any location.
Example: time: USA
Google will display the time of USA and cities in USA.

Command #15
This to That: To in between can converts units of measurements of length, mass, time, temperature, currency, etc.
Example: 100 kilometers to meters
It will display the exact converted answer.

Command #16
stocks: Gives you stock information by entering the given ticker number.
Example: stocks: goog
It will give you the insight chart of Google’s stock.

Command #17  
weather: Gives you the current weather of any city.
Example: weather: London
It will give you the current weather of London.

Command #18
To use Google built-in calculator, simply enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box.
Example:  5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=
Google will calculate and give you the answer.

Command #19
Search flight timings by entering the airport code.
Example: SFO BOS
It will give you the scheduled time of the flight.

Command #20
You can search an image on Google by dragging it into the search box.

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