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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to find who deleted you on Facebook

An average Facebook profile these days contain more than a hundred people these days and the funny part of it is that we don’t know half of them. Most times I add loads of random people and while doing this I come across some great uprising bloggers and entrepreneurs. As easy it is to add people, I wish it was that easy to know who removed you as well. Knowing who removed you helps to improve your actions and updates on your Facebook profile. Especially when a well-known person unfriends you, it’s the time to change your actions and update.

So how to find out who have your removed it?

Now you can find out with a new app called “”. Who Deleted Me is a free to use web service that will monitor your Facebook friends list. It is approved by Facebook officially and full searchable in the app directory. It is a legitimate way to find out which friend has unfriended you.

How to use? is a very simple application and all you need to do is login to your Facebook through it hence giving it access to your profile, it in turns provides you with graphs and statistics on your decrease or increase in friends with time.  The app’s creator notes will only send you an email when activity takes place, which means your inbox is attacked with spams.

This application is also available for Ios users which means it can be accessed on your iphone, ipod  or ipad. But it will cost you $0.99. It can be downloaded using Installaous but using it from a desktop is much easier.

Here’s another way to keep a track of friends which you’ve lost:

Another way to know who has removed you from their Facebook friend list lies within the new design of Facebook or more well known as the timeline. This is a quite simpler way if you have applied the timeline view to your profile. There are just two easy steps while you are on your profile:

1. Click on any year and click on the number of add friends of that year.
2.  Scroll through these friends and in front of whosoever has removed you there will appear as “add as friend” option.
The Timeline feature is currently in beta so how Facebook changes this use depends entirely on them. These are some ways I have come through to let you know about how to see how has removed you from their Facebook list.

On to our readers

Let us know which method was the most useful.If you have any more methods comment please comment below.

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March 18, 2013 at 10:18 PM

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